December 2014

Home and Land Packages in Perth are Looking Good for New Home Buyers

Now is the time to get home and land packages in Perth. New statistics have shown that the property market in Perth is starting to look favourable, especially to new home buyers. House prices have been declining as house values fell by 1.84 percent in August. This shows that the market is starting to slow down, as data gathered by REIWA show that “the number of house and unit sales fell to just over 50,000 during in 2013-14.”

Noted Perth Home Builders Urge Homeowners to Seize Market Opportunities

These packages provide many benefits to first home buyers. In addition to being more affordable, they also give buyers the chance to own land in an area of their choosing, something which may not be easy given the competition in acquiring properties on many parts of Perth. Additionally, a Perth home builder like Wow! Homes which offers land and house packages has a wide selection of functional and stylish home designs that buyers can choose from. These newly-minted dwellings need very little sprucing up, compared to pre-owned homes, saving buyers the need to spend on costly changes or improvements.

Perth First Home Buyers Can Get a Cash Boost to Build New Homes

Would-be home owners in Western Australia are opting to build their own house rather than buy established ones. Perth first home buyers who take advantage of the government’s first home buyers grant receive up to $10,000 for contracts that do not exceed $750,000 while those interested in established homes get $3,000. Jonathan Barrett describes how this incentive has charged up growth in Perth and other major Australian cities.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Home and Land

Buying a house is one of the most important decisions young adults must make in their lives as they elect to live on their own. It can be daunting, but first-time buyers should not feel too intimidated at the prospect of selecting their living accommodations for the next few years. With the right considerations in mind, even relatively new buyers can get up to speed and correctly select a home they will cherish for a very long time.


Perth House and Land Packages: Excellent Value You Should Not Pass On

Real estate experts encourage investors and aspiring home owners to go with house and land packages, first and foremost, for the stamp duty savings they can get. Under the new FHOG, buyers only have to pay stamp duty for the land, rather than the land and the house, as the latter has yet to be built. In addition, purchasing a Perth house and land package allows buyers tax deductions on depreciable assets like home fixtures and construction costs. There’s also the fact that building a new house from scratch gives aspiring home owners greater freedom in choosing what features to add to their property, allowing them to enjoy the best and latest home technologies available.

Everything You Need to Know About Perth’s FHOG

The First Home Owner Grant (FHOG) is one of the many ways the Western Australian government makes homes more affordable, specifically to first-time buyers. As of 25 September 2013, buyers who fall under this category can be awarded a grant of $10,000 to fund the construction of their new home or a grant of $3,000 to help them purchase an existing property.


Design a House, Prepare for the Future

The home you're building right now won't be the same home in 10 to 20 years. Over that span of time, it may be subjected to a few modifications to suit your changing needs and the environment. You may not need a skylight right now, but an impending rise in energy prices in Perth by 2016 (according to reports) might make you opt to install one.


First Home Buyers in Perth Get Free Add-ons with a New Home Builder

At WoW! Homes, we can make your home ownership journey even better. Last month, we offered first home buyers in Perth amazing add-ons when they sign up, and due to popular demand, we’re extending the Sizzling Summer Madness promo to December! Not only can you trust the versatility of our craftsmanship, but you can also ensure the aesthetics and functionality of your new home. If you sign up with us for a house and land package from December 1 to 31, you get FREE outstanding home features like exterior accents, state-of-the-art cooking appliances, stylish floor coverings, and window treatments.

Expert Perth Home Builders Aid in Your First-Time Housing Decisions

The news comes in the light of a housing renaissance in Western Australia. Master Builders Australia noted that the start of new housing projects in the state during 2013 and 2014 totalled 28,966, breaking a 1989 record of 27,965 house starts. When you’re leaning towards having a new house built on a pre-selected lot, skilled Perth home builders such as Wow! Homes are prepared to consider the options with you. Consultations with your developer will focus on choosing the Perth house and land package as your budget will allow, which gives you an option to look over your preferences before signing off on the project.

First Home Buyers are going to the Suburbs

First home buyers are catching onto the changes in the real estate market, specifically the projected lower house and land property rates in the year ahead. That said, it seems as if they are also becoming a bit pickier as far as the locations of their prospective homes are concerned. In fact, some are even considering looking into house and land packages in various Perth suburbs.


Wow! Homes Extends Perth House and Land Packages Promo Due to Demand

Tired of renting? You’re not the only one. Due to popular demand, Wow! Homes is extending its Sizzling Summer Madness promo, a special offering that will run for a limited time from November 1 to 30, 2014 - now extended to 31st December 2014! This offer provides an amazing opportunity for first-time homeowners to own Perth house and land packages, which may be challenging to acquire otherwise. This unique promotional offer will allow new home buyers to purchase and customise first-hand houses that come with numerous features and flourishes.

Home Builder Extends Sizzling Promo on Perth Home and Land Packages

Wow! Homes has great news for those looking to build their first home: due to insistent demand, the company is extending its Sizzling Summer Madness promotion on great home and land packages in Perth till December 31st. This means that more first-time homebuyers can finally achieve their dream of living in their very own house. Same as before, the company will include features and extras that no other builder will offer, while allowing clients to choose from a vast portfolio of award-winning home designs that are sure to suit their tastes and living needs. To take advantage of the promo, clients need only pay the minimum $3000 deposit, after which they can enjoy luxurious additions like deluxe designer elevations, 450x450mm floor tiles in living areas, and floor coverings and window treatments from Builder’s Range.

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