September 2014

Perth Home and Land Packages for Sale: New Homes are the Way to Go

Still not convinced? Then consider these other advantages of buying new home and land packages in Perth: (1) Since all new homes in Australia must be energy rated but established homes don’t have to be, the difference in energy efficiency between them can be dramatic; (2) You won’t have to shell out anything to change countertops, cabinets, and flooring; (3) You get a home built with materials specific to your taste. What’s more, with help from a trusted home builder, you’ll be sure to find some Perth house and land packages that are stylish, comfy, and often in the best locations.

Purchasing Perth House and Land Packages: Do You Qualify for FHOG?

Almost 80% of people searching for homes begin with the internet. With just a few searches and clicks, a potential buyer like you can begin scouting for a new home through various online listings, virtual tours, and other home builders sources. You probably have a pretty good idea of the type of home you want and the neighbourhood you want to live in. By the time you step into the office of Perth home builders, such as Wow! Homes, you’ve pretty much accomplished half of what you need to do to own a home.

New Aussie Homes on the Rise

According to Australia’s Housing Industry Association (HIA), the number of new homes purchased in the country rose by 1.2% in June, 2014. For Western Australia, sale of detached houses rose 4.1%. This means more and more people prefer to start fresh instead of purchasing an existing property.

Blame it on the government

More young and not-so-young families alike are taking advantage of the government’s First Home Owner Grant, which is likely to be the cause of the sudden increase in new home sales. Approved applicants are given financial assistance in building their first family home.

Everything’s nicer when it’s new

Who wouldn’t want to experience the smell of fresh paint, new timber, and pristine furniture? Developers and builders alike make this dream possible with home and land packages in Perth wherein the family pays one price for everything. The company oversees the design, construction, and finishing of the home.

Potential investment

Should your family’s plan change in the course of your stay, selling a not-so-old house is far easier than selling an older one. A younger house will have less maintenance problems than a newer one, and that is definitely something buyers look out for.

Swelling with pride

There’s no better way to tell that your Australian dream has come true than with a brand new house. For that sense of pride and achievement, it’s no wonder that the number of new homes has risen the way it has. At this rate, expect that number to rise even further.

Reserve House and Land Packages in Perth for a Deposit of Only $3,000

From September 23 to October 25, we’re repeating our offer to new home buyers who are desperately wanting to get their own place with a low deposit. With a low deposit of only $3,000, you may reserve a home and choose from our beautiful range of stunning designs – Sanctuary II Display, the Zone II Display, and the HIA Award-winning Edge II Display in NOR or SOR locations of the Perth metropolitan area. Having a brand-new home is one of the most exciting events in your life. You can finally receive a helping hand in making your dream become a reality, working with an experienced and creative builder who has your needs and preferences in mind.

Wow! Homes Extends Its Special Promo for First Home Buyers in Perth

Osborne Park, Western Australia (September 4, 2014) – Due to popular demand, Wow! Homes is extending its special promo geared towards first home buyers in Perth. From September 23 to October 25, clients only need to place a $3,000 deposit to get started on their dream of home ownership. The rock-bottom deposit is applicable to home and land packages worth $288,000 and $310,000, including the Sanctuary II Display, the Zone II Display, and the HIA Award-winning Edge II Display home designs. This attractive 1% deposit finance product is available to eligible applicants who meet the lender’s criteria.

Finding the Right Perth Home Builder

With the right builder, you can get your house built according to your chosen design, budget, and timeframe. Extra effort will be needed to find the right developer or builder, however, and there are ways to go about that.
Begin by looking at the prices offered by builders in your preferred area and compare them to one another. For first home buyers, a key difference in design could lead to significant changes to prices. You are most likely to find a builder that would suit your budget and chosen design.
Aside from determining your budget, know more about the lot you want to build your house on. The size and location of the lot will determine the amount you would have to pay for and the kind of house that would fit in it. Check for any possible problems, such as inaccessible roads for construction crews, local government guidelines, and proximity to infrastructure such as treatment plants or substations (among others), and talk to builders about it. There are builders who offer house and land packages that would determine these potential dangers and comply with local government building and housing standards.
Lastly, when finding the right Perth builder for your home, check for accreditation. Aside from knowing how long they have been in the business, it helps if they are members of a business accreditation bureau. Examples of these bureaus are the Master Builders Bureau and the Housing Industry Association.

Working with a Pro Best for First Home Buyers

Purchasing a new home is always a daunting task, as it is one of the biggest investments an individual can make. The decision is even more difficult for first home buyers who aren’t too knowledgeable on the process and on the real estate market. There are simply so many considerations that need to be made, and one misstep could lead to a significant amount of unexpected expenses.
This is particularly true when a new home is not just being bought, but also being built, repaired, or remodeled to suit a buyer’s preference. Sometimes a new homeowner may unknowingly choose an inexperienced builder, and in that sense eventually be stuck with a home that needs many repairs in the long run or simply needs to be redone. From an investment point of view, a design and structure that is not well thought-out does little to nothing for the property’s overall value.
A simple look over a builder’s portfolio of available home designs is almost always a great indicator of what they can do. By way of asking for references, a first home buyer can also get a better idea of what to expect from their prospective builder.
The most reliable builders also often have a well-established place in the real estate industry, where they not only offer to build and design a home, but likewise provide assistance in the acquisition of the land and financing necessary.

The Hot Property Tickets

The city of Perth is a place just begging to be explored. The variety of neighbourhoods within several kilometres of the city centre have their own stories to tell. As such, people aiming for house and land packages in Perth are encouraged to study the hottest suburbs in the city where they want to live in. Some property agents in the city have turned up hits on which suburbs are bustling with activity, which your house and land developer will take note of and guide you on:
First-time homebuyers can be sold on the merits of the suburb, which includes close proximity to the business district and beaches. Top schools like Hale School Grammar are also located in the area. However, time is of the essence as second- or third-home buyers are zeroing in on areas developed decades ago.
A potent location trifecta awaits first-timers seeking to settle in Bassendean; what more can you ask for when the place is a few kilometres away from the Swan Valley vineyards, ten kilometres from the CBD, and a stone’s throw from the foreshore? Insiders hint at developments along the train areas and upgrades to the town centre.
While it’s just north of the Wanneroo-Perth shire boundary, Girrawheen is one of a few northern suburbs now attracting interest from property developers making a bigger push. It’s with good reason too– the local authorities predict a two-fold population surge within 20 years.

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