May 2015

First Home Buyer FAQs

When getting ready to purchase a home and land package, a potential home buyer’s first point of order is often how to organise the finances. But where should you begin? To help you get started, below are three of the most frequently asked questions about this aspect of home ownership.
Do you qualify for a home loan?
A bank will first have to make sure you qualify for a home loan before you they approve you for it. They are going to look at your financial history and assess whether you make the cut or not. Employment, steady income, savings, and ability to handle debt are some of the things they’ll look at


Home Ownership: 4 Hidden Fees to Know About

When it comes to having a home built, it’s not just the property you’ll have to pay for. There are other different fees and charges that you need to be aware of, and knowing what these are can help you be better prepared as you travel the road of home ownership. Here are some of the most notable ones:
Stamp duty
Stamp duty is a one-off cost levied on the purchase value of the property. It’s one of the biggest costs you’ll have to pay when buying a home or investment property, so you should know about it and be ready for it.


Buying Home and Land Packages in Perth: A Basic Guide for Renters

How do you save up for home and land packages in Perth when a big chunk of your income goes to paying rent? Will you have to sacrifice a lot of luxuries or even give up simple joys? How long will it take before you finally realise your dream of owning a home? Find out how countless West Australians have made the shift from home rentals into full-fledged home ownership.

Experienced Perth Home Builders Can Help You Own a Sustainable Home

If you’ve ever wanted to make your first home a sustainable one, then you need to get everything right from the get-go (i.e. before the foundations of the property are even laid). You can start by choosing eco-friendly materials and techniques, so you can take advantage of the financial savings that sustainability often brings. Reliable Perth home builders like WoW! Homes are attuned to this trend, and they can make your dream of home ownership as well as your sustainability goals much more manageable to accomplish. With plenty of resources and expertise at their disposal, these pros can provide all the services and support you need.

Tips for Perth First Home Buyers: How to Ensure a Stress-Free Move

You can be confident about the quality of the home you’re about to move into if it was constructed by a trusted builder in Perth, voted one of the world’s most liveable cities. Count on builders that have helped realise the dreams of many Perth First Home Buyers Grant beneficiaries, like WoW! Homes, to meet all of your requirements for aesthetics, quality, and affordability. Established homebuilders like WoW! Homes don’t simply build houses; they can also help you get started on your first home ownership journey by offering affordable house and land packages in key suburbs throughout the Perth metropolitan area. With their assistance, you can expect the speedy fulfilment of all required paperwork including your Perth first homebuyers grant application, their expert advice on the right suburb to suit your personal preferences and the design which suits your lifestyle needs now and in future.

Perth House and Land Packages: Good News for Those Moving to the City

People have different reasons for moving into a new place and a new house—sometimes it’s a conscious decision, sometimes it’s out of necessity. A job promotion, diminishing family income, the loss of a loved one, a divorce—some families just don’t have the luxury of staying in the same place forever. If you’re planning to move to Perth, there may be some more good news for you. According to an ABC news article, real estate prices in Perth have dropped slightly, thanks to an 11 percent dip in sales compared to 2014’s first quarter. Real Estate Institute of Western Australia (REIWA) president David Airey commented that the Perth market was much quieter than expected during the summer period, and that a greater number of people are deciding not to buy. “…there’s a lot of homes on the market that are remaining unsold so that has reduced sales activity," he adds.

FHOG Update: What You Need to Know

In their announcement of the 2015-2016 budget, the State Government made a major change that affects the real estate scene, particularly residents who are planning to buy their first homes. The $3000 First Home Owners Grant (FHOG) that you can qualify for when you buy an established property is no longer available. Fortunately, the FHOG for purchasing or building new homes was not reduced or removed from Western Australia’s budget.


Highlights of Family Gifts or Guarantor Loans

There are several ways that your family members – your parents, typically – can help you towards home ownership. In fact, according to the National Australia Bank (NAB), more adults are using these methods nowadays. In the 2015 financial year, the NAB noted that most of the first home buyers were aged 20 to 29 (73%) and aged 30 to 39 (21%). There are even some in their teens and, on the other end of the spectrum, in their 40s.

The NAB Family Guarantee allows you to buy your first home with your family member as a guarantor, using their home equity as the security for your loan. Lender's Mortgage Insurance may not be needed anymore, which can help make things more affordable for you. You can also select from the various NAB-branded products to find a home loan that suits your situation best.


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