February 2015

Western Australian Homeowners Starting Out Young

Could investing more and partying less be the new trend amongst Western Australia’s new set of twenty-somethings? Statistics from Mortgage Choice show the number of homeowners 30 and below has increased 60 per cent since 2008, with almost 50 per cent of the WA’s first-homebuyers now aged 30 or under. The data also showed one out of five homebuyers was 25 years old or younger.

Experts say that a new trend is brewing within “Generation Z”, or young people living with their parents, which is to save up and skip the rental phase to buy a home straight away.


Wonders of Window Treatments in Prefab Homes

Prefab homes can look quite lovely and inviting, especially when crafted by skilled Perth home builders. Homes with a more contemporary and practical open-plan layout make for more fluid transitions from indoor to outdoor, and from one room to the next. With just a few personal touches, these houses can become your dream home.

One of the best ways to personalise your home is to decorate it with window treatments that reflect your personal style. Curtains, in particular, are put under the spotlight whenever design trends are discussed. These fabric treatments, which are hung on walls and windows, can help create the mood you want to in a particular room.


Open up Your Roofing Options

If you’re planning on buying your first ever home, remember that you have several options when it comes to what goes on top of your house. Some of them can be a bit quirky (if not downright outrageous), and some can be simply breathtaking. Before you have your home built, it’s not a bad idea to first see if there’s a particular roofing style or material that can enhance the look of the home design you have in mind.


The Australian Dream is Built

The Australian Dream hinges on homeownership; for one, it's a sure-fire sign of stability. There are two routes to this dream: an existing home or one built from the ground up.

Either way, owning a home is a serious investment, regardless of the state of the real estate market. That cosy property facing Swan River may as well be the last home you'll ever need, in the best sense. When given a choice between the two routes, however, you're better off building a new home. Change is why.


Perth House and Land Packages Are a Smart Idea for First Home Owners

Of course, home buyers can’t underestimate a city’s economic stability. Perth is clearly a winner in this regard since it is the economic capital of Western Australia. This means new settlers have a good chance to score employment opportunities in a short time. Once home buyers decide on a location, they can either choose an existing home in that area or have a home built from the ground up. All things considered, however, buying Perth house and land packages may be the smartest choice of all.

With Skilled Perth Home Builders, You Can Finally Have Your Dream Home

A dream home construction, however, requires utmost collaboration between buyers and builders. Otherwise, the project will turn into a nightmare. Before construction begins, buyers and builders should have a signed contract in place where all the terms are perfectly understood by both parties. The dream home has more potential to turn into a reality when buyers forge a strong working relationship with the skilled Perth home builders they hire. For their part, home buyers should already have a good idea of what their dream home should be before any construction work starts. Builders can’t turn in an amazing product if buyers don’t know what they want in the first place.

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