July 2015

Home and Land Packages: What to Consider in Choosing a Perth Suburb

One of the most important decisions you have to make when buying a new home in Perth is where you want to have it built. Your chosen location will affect your everyday aspects of living as well as the property’s future resale value. After being evaluated financially, selecting a suburb is usually the second step prospective homeowners take in the process of buying home and land packages from builders such as WOW! Homes. Consider the following factors when weighing your options.

Open Floor Plan Design: Why it’s a Top Choice for Perth Home Builders

In the past, compartmentalisation was a key element in most home designs. Houses were comprised of separate rooms, each with a door of its own. The trend then shifted towards sliding doors and movable partitions that allowed occupants to adjust spaces to their liking. Eventually, designers realised they could fit more living space within a given footage using an open floor plan. Today, you can see that most works by home builders in Perth feature such a design. As the name implies, a home with this type of layout has a single yet wide living space comprised of multiple open rooms. Such a floor plan combines main rooms like the dining room, living room, and kitchen into one shared space to create the so called ‘great room’. This configuration suits homes with less square footage, where making optimal use of space is more of a necessity than an option. As for larger homes, open floor plans give occupants more flexibility to move around. Additionally, the absence of interior walls incr

House and Land Packages Make Home Purchase Easier

Being a first home buyer can be challenging. You’ll have an innate disadvantage because you’ll be unfamiliar with the market and the processes. Well, you may read about it, but nothing beats actual experience. You don’t need to worry, however, as it won’t automatically mean you’ll have a hard time. You can take steps to lessen the complexity and make things easier for you. One favourable step is considering house and land packages.


First Home Buyers in Perth: Achieve Financial Stability Before Buying

Owning a home in a major city like Perth is one of the biggest life priorities for many Australians. Many first home buyers today do not realise it yet, but there is a lot more to owning a home than saving up or working a second job. Before you even consider having a house built, you must first work towards being financially stable. Here are some tips to help you build up your financial capacity and be able to afford your ideal property.

House and Land Packages in Perth: Finding the Best Place to Settle In

Building a new home for you and your family involves a lot of decision making. Aside from getting your finances in order, perhaps the biggest decision you will ever make is choosing the right place to settle in. This decision will have a tremendous impact on your lives, after all, so be sure to pick a house and land package that meets all of your lifestyle requirements. Here are some tips for finding the best location for your new home.

Choosing Home Builders in Perth

Building a new home for you and your family is usually more than just a one-man job. Unless you want it to take years, what you need to do is look for reliable builders in your area. If you live in Perth, you are in luck because there are renowned builders there. If you want your home to be tailor-made to your needs and preferences, you need to hire the right builder. Here are a few aspects to consider.


You don’t want to entrust the building of your dream home to a newcomer. Look for companies who do similar work to what you are after. If you are looking to build a house with a contemporary design to suit the lifestyle in Perth, you should chose a builder who has an eye for detail and who keeps up to date with the latest design trends. Better yet, look at their credentials to see the quality of their work.


For First Home Buyers: Things to Ask Your Builder

Investing in a new home will certainly be one of the biggest financial decisions you’ll ever make. As such, you can’t afford any lapses. Of course, ensuring the quality of your new home starts with choosing the right builder to work with. Here are three major questions to ask before taking your pick.

“Are you qualified and insured?”

First of all, you have to make certain that the builder is fully licenced by your local regulatory bodies and that this license is up to date. Ask them to show their licence card, or better yet, confirm it by running a search online or phoning the Building Commission directly. Additionally, the builder must carry insurance to protect you in case of a faulty build.


3 Ways You Can Define Borders in Open Floor Plans

Open floor plans are highly popular designs in house and land packages offered in Perth today. We’re long past the days when main rooms, specifically the kitchen, dining and living rooms, were boxed to clearly define their spaces and their individual functions. Designers have already recognized that open plans free up more usable space, so many modern homes are now designed with rooms that flow into each other more smoothly.


Home and Land Packages in Perth: Be Creative to Manage Buying Costs

Owning instead of renting a home is a dream many Western Australians hope to achieve, particularly in the state’s capital city. Fortunately, Perth’s current real estate market conditions are characterised by low interest rates, an increase in home loan approvals, and median house prices lower than those in other big cities. These conditions favour first home owners. Of course, you would still need to exercise prudence when securing a property loan, shopping for home and land packages in Perth, and managing everyday costs to ensure a smooth transition to home ownership.

Buying House and Land in Perth: Why First-Timers Ought to Do It Now

Record-low interest rates have prompted an uptick in property investment activity throughout the country. Consequently, a lot of prospective homeowners are seizing the opportunity to enter the property market. Unlike earlier predictions from some experts, new home approvals are also booming, with an all-time high last March of 19,419 or a 2.8 per cent increase from the month before. Another factor that drives this trend, according to a Housing Industry Association representative, is the steadily growing population. This trend can be observed in key areas like Perth, where more people are emigrating and starting families whilst switching from renting to owning a home. If you’re a first-timer buyer, consider the various points that make it worthwhile to act now and buy your very own house and land in Perth.

Perth First Home Buyers: Home Ownership Costs That You Need to Know

This is something you should never forgo, even if you’re buying a new construction. Always remember that pest and building inspections are relatively cheap compared to the cost of dealing with a problem after the property is purchased. Let the information above enlighten on you on the different costs that you may face as you tread the path towards home ownership. Count on trusted home builders like WOW! Homes to help make the process a lot easier. Such an experienced home builder has guided numerous other Perth first home buyers direct to the path of home ownership.

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