October 2014

Considerations on Choosing a Site for your Home

People looking for a new home often get too caught up in the whirlwind of ideas on how the house itself should look. Often, they leave a critical stone unturned—the site on which the home would be built. Fortunately, here are a few site-selection tips to help the process along:


Things to Consider when Buying a Pre-Drafted House

If you’re in the market for your very first home, you may be searching high and low around Perth for the one property that suits your needs. However, what if that hunt has produced no potential hits? A viable option would be to seek out credible Perth home builders instead, as one of their greatest strengths is to have an array of pre-drafted house designs for you to choose from. Even then, there are still some important points to keep in mind:


A Financial Checklist for First-time Home Buyers

The decision to buy a house for the first time can be considered as one of the biggest moves that a person can make in his or her life. The action would involve the use of large amounts of financial resources or the adoption of financial schemes that could make monthly amortisations much more bearable. It is then understandable that people would want to be financially prepared for such transactions as even simple mistakes can have significant repercussions. Here’s a financial checklist that first-time home buyers can use as a guide to prepare for their investment:


Why Buy a House and Land Package?

Prospective homeowners have a number of options when buying their first home. They can choose to buy a new home, land to develop into a new home, or a house and land package. If you’re in the market for your first home, consider the latter of the lot for the following reasons:


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