Five Simple Steps for Purchasing Homes in Perth for First Home Buyers

From the outside, the process of finding and buying your first home involves vast amounts of time, money and paperwork. If you break it down into seven simple stages, however, it is not as daunting as it initially seems. Here are seven simple steps you can follow: 1. Work out your budget Unless you have significant savings, chances are you are going to have to take out a mortgage to pay for your first home. In the current mortgage market, you will require a deposit of at least 5% of a property’s value to secure a mortgage from a lender. This means that if you want to buy a $250,000 property, you will need to put down a deposit of at least $12,500.

On Saving Money for Deposit for House and Land Packages in Perth

When you are not on the property ladder, saving a deposit for a house and land package can seem like a daunting task. The key to success is to start saving as much as you can as soon as you can. Lenders are often cautious about lending to young, would-be home buyers, so the larger the deposit you can put down against your purchase, the broader your choice of mortgages is likely to be. Take a long, hard look at your budget If you are serious about saving money fast, chances are you will need to set aside a significant proportion of your monthly income. The best way to boost your savings is to keep track of your spending so that you can identify areas where you overspend and take action to curb your spending. This might mean restricting the amount you spend on activities, such as shopping and socialising.

Benefits of House and Land Packages for First Home Buyers in Perth

Most people, when looking to buy a home for the first time, will keep an eye out for existing houses and flats, without considering the other options. Though a lot of people aren’t aware of it, there are a wide variety of benefits in home and land packages for first home buyers in Perth. First of all, buying land and house packages offers a huge capacity for customisation. Buying a home that’s already built can be great if it’s absolutely perfect for your tastes, but odds are you’ll find something further down the line that is more to your liking. By purchasing a house and land package, you can get involved with every aspect of design. With this kind of freedom, you’ll be able to ensure that your new home fits in nicely with your preferences, and save time, money and other resources in the process.

Top Indicators You’re Dealing with a Reputable Perth Home Builder

If you’re building a home for the first time, there are a few key points that you should take into account to make certain that you are choosing the right home builder. Market Exposure Recent reports have pointed out that the real estate market in Perth is seeing a bit of what is known as a “correction”. In other words, there are a greater number of listings for sale at lower prices than in the past. However, a substantial amount of construction is still taking place, and new homes exist in great numbers. The levels of exposure that any builder has to the market will directly correlate with the price that a buyer can expect to pay.

Essential Factors First Home Buyers in Perth Need to Look Out For

There are a few key variables to keep in mind when investing in a home in Perth for the first time. Understanding these factors is critical to making the best choices. Choosing where to build a home can be a tough task. While certain locations are highly desirable, there are still a few steps to highlight as well as some benefits that are offered by the government. Take a look at both of these areas. Grants for First-Time Buyers Those who are contemplating the purchase or construction of a home for the first time can take advantage of a programme called the First Home Owner’s Grant or FHOG. This grant is able to provide an individual with a total of up to $10,000 dollars towards any new home purchase. Be sure to visit the FHOG’s official website to learn about the qualifications and conditions of the first home buyers grant.

An Introduction to the Benefits of House and Land Packages in Perth

If you’ve been holding onto a long-running dream of having a brand new home, you may have the term “house and land package” come up a few times. This is becoming an increasingly common option for people who want a new place, and comes with several benefits when compared to buying older property. If you’re still a little confused about the whole thing, here’s a brief introduction to house and land packages in Perth. First of all, the question that may have brought you here; what exactly is a house and land package? Most residential construction in Perth today is done by property developers who acquire land when the government releases it. These developers will be responsible first for laying down the infrastructure for a residential area; roads, water, electricity and so forth, and then have a choice in how to proceed.

Four Misconceptions about House and Land Packages in Perth Debunked

Aussies in the market for a new home often find that buying an established property sounds like a more convenient and cost-savvy option versus building a new one. However, many home buyers today are surprised at how easy it is to build a brand new home that suited their budget through house and land packages in Perth. This home building option has been increasingly gaining popularity in the past decade. Despite this trend, though, preconceived notions are still hindering some homebuyers from recognising the advantages. It’s time to debunk the four most common misapprehensions about house and land packages: 1. Prohibitive costs. If you think long-term, purchasing land and house packages is a more financially efficient option. For one, you can spare your pocket from maintenance expenses in the near future. Reliable builders also provide comprehensive warranty as well for your peace of mind.

Working with Home Builders: How to Reduce New Home Construction Stress

You can never totally steer clear of stressful moments when you are building a home. Understanding their causes and managing those causes effectively, though, is the key to achieving a quality, cost-efficient build. Here are tips on how to minimise the stress you may encounter while constructing your new home here in Perth: 1. Hire the right builder. Don’t rely solely on bids. A higher bid does not necessarily mean superior product quality, while a lower bid can mean surprise costs as the construction ensues.

Home and Land Packages in Perth: What to Look for in the Ideal Builder

The Economist’s liveability index counts Perth among the world’s top 10 best cities to live in, along with three other Australian cities. The city proper and the nearby suburbs draw quite a number of prospective home buyers. Those who are looking to own their own homes for the first time would do well to consider home and land packages. The Advantages A prospective home buyer typically has to get the assistance of an agent to find a block of land then find a builder to construct the house. In other words, the buyer has to deal with two separate entities. This can make the whole process of home purchase so much more complex and time-consuming than necessary. With packages, the buyer only has to work with a single contractor when it comes to finding a good location and building the home, as explained by the Commonwealth Bank of Australia.

Top Home Builders Help You Reap the Benefits of New Home Construction

Being one of the most desirable places in Australia, Perth draws a lot of people looking to own a home. Location is just one factor, though. Another decision home buyers must make is whether to buy an existing home or build a new one. Buying an existing home seems the more convenient route as one can simply move into the property soon after the transaction is completed. One thing that prospective home buyers should keep in mind, however, is that this decision is not at all black and white. Top home builders that serve the Perth housing market, such as WOW! Homes, can help you realise the benefits of new home construction.

First Home Buyers: Get Ready for the Big Move Out on Your Own

Is it the right time to leave the nest and try to make a life for yourself out there in a major city like Perth? If you are aged 21-24, the answer is yes, at least according to the University of Melbourne’s Household Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia survey. Apparently, young people who seek independence at this age range are found to be richer later in their life by about $185,000 than those who delay the big move. While that may prove a compelling reason to rush out of your parent’s house, you should still take it slow and prepare. Here are some tips for would-be first home buyers.

House and Land Packages: Top Tips for Viewing Display Homes in Perth

You’ve finally decided to try looking at house and land packages in Perth for your first home. If you don’t have any idea what to expect, visiting a few display houses is a good place to start. It’s easy to fall in love right away with the first display house you visit, but keep in mind that there are plenty more to see. You don’t want to miss out on the right opportunity simply because you rushed your decision. Here are the top tips for prospective buyers. Take your time to look around You should never be in a hurry whenever you make a huge decision such as building a house. Take your time and don’t feel pressured. Clear out your schedule for the day and focus on the display homes you are viewing. As you walk through each house, visualise what it would be like to live there.

Steps First Home Buyers Can Take to Ease Up the Home Purchase Process

Buying a home for the first time can be both exciting and daunting. First home buyers have to be careful with their decisions to keep their finances in good shape. If you belong to this group, here are some steps you can take to make the process easier. Understand your current financial condition You need to know not only how much you can pay back on your mortgage every month but also how far upfront costs can set you back. In this regard, you will need to determine two factors: your monthly income and your expenses. Subtract expenses from your income, and you’ll get a good idea of where you are financially.

House and Land Packages in Perth: How to Make a Smart Buying Decision

If you plan to buy a new home in Perth, you would do well to consider house and land packages that enable you to own a newly constructed home and a parcel of land within one purchase agreement. Builders that specialise in these products, such as Wow! Homes, allow you to choose a suitable lot in your desired neighbourhood and let you take your pick from customisable home designs. Before you go for this option, however, what factors should you take into account? Location Location is vital to liveability, and more so if you plan to resell the home at some point in the future. Some of the primary characteristics you should consider include proximity to the central business district (CBD), crime rate, amenities, average home value, ease of transportation and infrastructure.

Home and Land Packages: How to Design Your New Home for Easy Access

Convenient home and land packages help pave the path to home ownership. In essence, the process involves choosing a suitable neighbourhood and a customisable home design that incorporates the best of today’s modern aesthetic trends. One of the top housing trends at present is the emphasis on liveability and accessibility for the benefit of all inhabitants. This paradigm suits households with pregnant women, children, seniors and people with disabilities. Here are a few easy-access design features worth incorporating into your house and land package.

Home Builders in Perth Give You a Closer Look at Display Homes

Like the bedroom and kitchen displays you’d often find at malls, a display home is designed to pique your interest. The structure gives you a peek into what your life would be like in a fully constructed home of your own. Therefore, it is only smart for a first-time home buyer like you to visit several display homes. This way, you can get an idea of what you should expect from your new home construction. Home builders would also advise that you at least have an idea of what to look for in a display home. Here are some helpful tips.

Building a New Home in Perth: Overview of the First Home Buyers Grant

Looking to build your first home here in Perth? Perhaps you’ve already heard about the First Home Buyers Grant, another term for the FHOG or First Home Owners Grant, but don’t know much about it yet. To put it simply, the FHOG is a government-supported funding programme intended to help first time home buyers enter the market by covering a portion of the costs. The programme is designed to counteract the effects of the Goods and Services Tax (GST), which buyers have to pay regardless of whether their homes are previously owned or newly built.

Perth House and Land Packages: 3 Key Points of a Soil Site Review

Buying a house and land package in Perth? One critical aspect that requires your utmost attention is the site where you want your new home built. Other than just evaluating convenience, safety and investment growth rates, be sure to take a close look at the actual block itself. Although it is the builder’s job to ensure that the block options on offer are suitable for home construction, it pays to be extra diligent on your part. Before you pick your home design, take note of these 3 important factors when choosing your parcel of land: Orientation. With an ideal block orientation, your home can be more energy-efficient. In Perth, the most widely sought blocks are generally those with a north-south alignment, with the back portion facing the north. That is because rooms facing north tend

Top Four Reasons House and Land Packages Make Sensible Investments

Most people agree that it’s convenient to invest in an established house. It’s cheap, easy, and apart from a few retouches and installations, you don’t actually have to bother building the property from scratch. If you carefully analyse and factor in the risks and extra costs that come with used, worn properties, however, you might see your investment decision in a new light. Brand new home and land packages here in Perth offer multiple investment benefits that outweigh what ready-built properties offer. You get to select your location and home design House and land packages give you the liberty to select a good location, ideally one which demonstrates positive economic growth and real estate value appreciation. You can also customise a house design according to what you believe will entice your prospective tenants, making your investment more attractive.

Purchase a House and Land Package in Perth through a Guarantor Loan

When buying a home in Perth, you will typically need to put down a minimum 5 per cent deposit to get approved for a loan. This requirement can prove challenging if you’re still paying rent. Fortunately, Perth home builders like WOW! Homes say your family can help you buy your new home by acting as a guarantor. Here’s what you need to know: What is a guarantor? Many lenders and banks will be more willing to help if you have a guarantor to back you up. A guarantor is anyone who can offer the assurance of loan repayment (but only a portion of the loan) if the borrower fails to fulfil his commitment. This lowers the risk for the lender, who may even decide to lend you as much as 100% of the property’s purchase and construction price.

Factors that Make Perth a Good Location Prospect for First Home Buyers

Like many first home buyers in Australia, you can look forward to a good chance of getting better value for your money by going west. Such was the topic of a news article published on The Australian Financial Review. A review of property prices reveals that you can find units and apartments in Perth for about $500,000, or sometimes lower, that are within 10 kilometres of the central business district (CBD). In comparison, a comparable property in Sydney will be two times farther from the CBD. Market Conditions Today, Perth’s housing market is becoming more flexible for buyers. By taking a look at the following factors alongside housing market conditions in other major Australian cities, one can easily see the perks of living in Perth.

A Look at House and Land Packages and the Perks of Living in Perth

Perth is recognised as one of the best cities not only in Western Australia but also throughout the world. Citing the results of the Economist Intelligence Unit’s 2014 liveability survey, which ranks cities according to certain criteria that pertain to living conditions, the Business Insider named Perth as 9th amongst the best cities to live in. Amongst other things, Perth garnered a score of 100 for infrastructure, health care, and education. With thousands of cities throughout the world, getting the 9th place definitely means a lot. Life in Perth Living in Australia cites additional reasons for residing in Perth. An affordable cost of living, for instance, is made possible as the transfer of goods gets easier with time. With its wide network of roads and highways, the traffic keeps moving even in the busy rush hours.

Home and Land Packages: What to Consider in Choosing a Perth Suburb

One of the most important decisions you have to make when buying a new home in Perth is where you want to have it built. Your chosen location will affect your everyday aspects of living as well as the property’s future resale value. After being evaluated financially, selecting a suburb is usually the second step prospective homeowners take in the process of buying home and land packages from builders such as WOW! Homes. Consider the following factors when weighing your options.

Open Floor Plan Design: Why it’s a Top Choice for Perth Home Builders

In the past, compartmentalisation was a key element in most home designs. Houses were comprised of separate rooms, each with a door of its own. The trend then shifted towards sliding doors and movable partitions that allowed occupants to adjust spaces to their liking. Eventually, designers realised they could fit more living space within a given footage using an open floor plan. Today, you can see that most works by home builders in Perth feature such a design. As the name implies, a home with this type of layout has a single yet wide living space comprised of multiple open rooms. Such a floor plan combines main rooms like the dining room, living room, and kitchen into one shared space to create the so called ‘great room’. This configuration suits homes with less square footage, where making optimal use of space is more of a necessity than an option. As for larger homes, open floor plans give occupants more flexibility to move around. Additionally, the absence of interior walls incr

House and Land Packages Make Home Purchase Easier

Being a first home buyer can be challenging. You’ll have an innate disadvantage because you’ll be unfamiliar with the market and the processes. Well, you may read about it, but nothing beats actual experience. You don’t need to worry, however, as it won’t automatically mean you’ll have a hard time. You can take steps to lessen the complexity and make things easier for you. One favourable step is considering house and land packages.


First Home Buyers in Perth: Achieve Financial Stability Before Buying

Owning a home in a major city like Perth is one of the biggest life priorities for many Australians. Many first home buyers today do not realise it yet, but there is a lot more to owning a home than saving up or working a second job. Before you even consider having a house built, you must first work towards being financially stable. Here are some tips to help you build up your financial capacity and be able to afford your ideal property.

House and Land Packages in Perth: Finding the Best Place to Settle In

Building a new home for you and your family involves a lot of decision making. Aside from getting your finances in order, perhaps the biggest decision you will ever make is choosing the right place to settle in. This decision will have a tremendous impact on your lives, after all, so be sure to pick a house and land package that meets all of your lifestyle requirements. Here are some tips for finding the best location for your new home.

Choosing Home Builders in Perth

Building a new home for you and your family is usually more than just a one-man job. Unless you want it to take years, what you need to do is look for reliable builders in your area. If you live in Perth, you are in luck because there are renowned builders there. If you want your home to be tailor-made to your needs and preferences, you need to hire the right builder. Here are a few aspects to consider.


You don’t want to entrust the building of your dream home to a newcomer. Look for companies who do similar work to what you are after. If you are looking to build a house with a contemporary design to suit the lifestyle in Perth, you should chose a builder who has an eye for detail and who keeps up to date with the latest design trends. Better yet, look at their credentials to see the quality of their work.


For First Home Buyers: Things to Ask Your Builder

Investing in a new home will certainly be one of the biggest financial decisions you’ll ever make. As such, you can’t afford any lapses. Of course, ensuring the quality of your new home starts with choosing the right builder to work with. Here are three major questions to ask before taking your pick.

“Are you qualified and insured?”

First of all, you have to make certain that the builder is fully licenced by your local regulatory bodies and that this license is up to date. Ask them to show their licence card, or better yet, confirm it by running a search online or phoning the Building Commission directly. Additionally, the builder must carry insurance to protect you in case of a faulty build.


3 Ways You Can Define Borders in Open Floor Plans

Open floor plans are highly popular designs in house and land packages offered in Perth today. We’re long past the days when main rooms, specifically the kitchen, dining and living rooms, were boxed to clearly define their spaces and their individual functions. Designers have already recognized that open plans free up more usable space, so many modern homes are now designed with rooms that flow into each other more smoothly.


Home and Land Packages in Perth: Be Creative to Manage Buying Costs

Owning instead of renting a home is a dream many Western Australians hope to achieve, particularly in the state’s capital city. Fortunately, Perth’s current real estate market conditions are characterised by low interest rates, an increase in home loan approvals, and median house prices lower than those in other big cities. These conditions favour first home owners. Of course, you would still need to exercise prudence when securing a property loan, shopping for home and land packages in Perth, and managing everyday costs to ensure a smooth transition to home ownership.

Buying House and Land in Perth: Why First-Timers Ought to Do It Now

Record-low interest rates have prompted an uptick in property investment activity throughout the country. Consequently, a lot of prospective homeowners are seizing the opportunity to enter the property market. Unlike earlier predictions from some experts, new home approvals are also booming, with an all-time high last March of 19,419 or a 2.8 per cent increase from the month before. Another factor that drives this trend, according to a Housing Industry Association representative, is the steadily growing population. This trend can be observed in key areas like Perth, where more people are emigrating and starting families whilst switching from renting to owning a home. If you’re a first-timer buyer, consider the various points that make it worthwhile to act now and buy your very own house and land in Perth.

Perth First Home Buyers: Home Ownership Costs That You Need to Know

This is something you should never forgo, even if you’re buying a new construction. Always remember that pest and building inspections are relatively cheap compared to the cost of dealing with a problem after the property is purchased. Let the information above enlighten on you on the different costs that you may face as you tread the path towards home ownership. Count on trusted home builders like WOW! Homes to help make the process a lot easier. Such an experienced home builder has guided numerous other Perth first home buyers direct to the path of home ownership.

House and Land Packages in Perth: How to Speed up Your Home Ownership

Another simple strategy to overcome your mortgage faster is to make one-off lump sum payments. Consider this: a one-time $10,000 payment at the beginning of a $300,000 loan with an interest rate of 4.5 percent per year could save you over $26,000 in interest for the loan’s life span. Paying off a loan is no small matter. Not all these tips may apply to you, but it’s very much possible to use more than one of these tips to speed up the time it takes for you to own your first home. To make your purchase truly worthwhile, make sure it’s built by award-winning home builders like WOW! Homes who have years of experience in offering quality house & land packages in Perth for first home buyers just like you.

Costs of Moving Out and Buying Your First Home

Are you planning to move out of your parents’ home and buying a place of your own? Make sure you make thorough financial preparations, aside from the other practical details. First and foremost, you have to determine if you can afford everything, and you should consider all the costs of moving and home buying, such as:

  • Home and Land Packages – prices can vary depending on the suburb in Perth and the features or size of the house

  • Other Moving Costs – hiring a removals company to move your belongings, using self-storage options for your other items

           Of course, you can apply for a loan to buy your first home. If you do, take note of these costs, too:

  • Deposit and Home Loan Repayments – as much as 20% of the loan may be required as a deposit, while typically, home loan repayments would be made monthly

  • Mortgage Fees – application fees, Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI), mortgage registration fee, and other expenses outside the basic loan costs

There are several ways to manage the costs. The government offers help to first home buyers through a grant of $10,000, but you can only be eligible if you’re buying or building a new home (not buying an established property) and if you satisfy other criteria. You can also ask your parents for help by being a guarantor in a home loan or by helping you earn more income or save more money. You just have to be creative to make the whole process affordable.

Trends in Finishing and Decorating Homes in Perth

Have you recently decided to build a new home in Perth? Various home builders in Perth allow you to be hands-on during the finishing touches of your home. You have the liberty to decorate the interiors and some of the landscape, too, once the entire construction process is complete. Here are some trends in finishing and decorating homes in the region which you can use as inspiration:

Eye-Catching Features and Finishes

Any finish can be attention-grabbing and truly steal the spotlight in every room. It can be because of the light they infuse, the colours they purvey, or the classic charm they bring. You can look for large windows with intricate designs on the frames. You can also choose floor coverings, ceiling treatments, and bathroom tiles that exude character and reflect your personality.

High-Low Styling: Fashionable yet Budget-Savvy

You can dress up your home so it’s chic, but you don’t have to splurge on it too much. Use high-low styling! Similar to how you can pick finishes, this concept involves finding a central lavish piece or the “star of the show” for each room and spending less on the supporting elements. You can have a big bespoke sofa, an extravagant headboard, or marble benchtops, which you can complement with cabinets, lamps, and other decorative pieces that are affordable but still stylish.

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