January 2015

First Home Buyers in Perth Teach you about Tackling Ideal Floor Plans

A spate of challenges await first home buyers in Perth who are looking to have a new house built through a home and land package─ such as choosing the ideal floor plan. An article on the federal government’s information portal Your Home illustrates the issue in many ways. Each step will require your undivided attention. Some sources state that the Perth region is slowly on the decline as far as housing is concerned. Even so, there are people determined to build new dreams; the kind that developers who serve Perth first home buyers direct like Wow! Homes are eager to help achieve.

Perth House and Land Packages: Affordable if you Put your Mind to it

The quest to invest in a new home, like house and land packages in Perth, will often have different twists and turns awaiting people who decide to take the plunge. This may be true depending on where you are in your life at present. The Australian Broadcasting Corp’s Elysse Morgan and Simon Frazer said that many people were already hitting their 30s by the time they got around to buying a new property. The above certainly strikes a chord with Perth residents who’ve always wanted a humble abode but can’t pursue it because various problems hold them back. A top Australian bank’s recent annual report on first-home buyers’ deposits revealed that they took 4.1 years to save up enough money to cover the required 20% deposit. The conclusion was based on a 7.1% climb of national median prices to $469,000 as of December, 2014.

Home and Land Packages for First Time Homebuyers

Home and land packages are deals widely popular in Australia that offer the homebuyer the chance to own both house and land. Some of these packages, according to the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, start off as land released by the government, which in turn is acquired by property developers. After infrastructure has been laid down, the properties are then marketed as home and land packages.

A homebuyer can either choose between an off-the-plan package, in which a customised home design of your choice will be built on the selected block of land, and the more common deal which involves buying a new pre-built home on the land. It is important to note that the various home and land packages will have considerable differences in quality, workmanship and financing. Either way, the new home must pass the minimum standards set by the state and local authorities.


Build a Smooth Relationship with Your Builder

When buying a home for the first time, you can choose to build it from the ground up, buy a newly built one, or go for an already established home. Among all these choices, however, it’s easy to understand why you’d prefer to build your first home from scratch. This option will allow you to incorporate your own design aesthetics, so you’ll have a home which you can truly call your own.

Still, you need experienced builders to help you draw your plans and realize them. The home building process is rarely a smooth road. Here are tips to help you build a constructive relationship with your builder:


Fun Things to Do After Settling Down in Perth

Whether you’re a lucky recipient of a Perth first home buyers’ grant, or are just checking the place out first while staying with relatives, there are loads of activities to enjoy in Perth, and many won’t cost anything!

Go snorkelling in Shoalwater Marine Park
Jump into the warm waters with WA’s largest colony of fairy penguins, sea lions, dolphins, and more. The major underwater attraction is the marine wreck and seagrass meadows where hundreds of marine species are waiting to welcome you.


Rounding Up the Funds for a New Home

Saving up for a new house can be a tedious undertaking, even when you qualify for the state government’s First Home Owners Grant of up to $10,000. Many people admit foregoing the unnecessary expenses for a while to save for building a new house under programmes for house and land packages in Perth. For the sake of a brand new home, it is a necessary sacrifice. On the bright side, you can make things work without having to undertake a really severe austerity programme.


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