August 2014

Affordable House and Land Packages in Perth: Pay Only a $3,000 Deposit

To make a brand-new home even more within reach, WoW! Homes offers you the chance to get a house and land package in Perth with only a $3,000 deposit from 25 August to 30 September! That’s all it takes for you to get started towards owning your dream home!

Building a Home in Perth with Home and Land Packages from Builders

Perth currently has the third largest migrant population in Australia, with over 568,000 people from the United Kingdom, New Zealand, South Africa, and many others. The influx of prospective estate owners is such that there is a growing demand for more home builders. Reports also estimated that there will be over 3 million people living in Perth by 2020. Considering these numbers, the town is surely set to become more populated as some homebuilders now offer home and land packages in Perth for top-quality living.

How to Choose the Right Perth Home Builders for Your Desired House

To find legitimate Perth home builders, you can make a list of professionals you are willing to check out, and then contact your local home builder association. You can also get recommendations from friends and relatives, and ask them about their experience with the builder they have worked with.

Before Moving and Finding Your Place in Perth

Western Australia’s capital city, Perth, has the highest standards of housing in the world. It follows that settling down and finding a home in Australia’s most expensive city may be rather costly. The city’s cost of living is more expensive than cities like New York in the US and in Tokyo, Japan. So before moving, one should be financially prepared to take on the costs.
Despite the city’s high cost of living, the cost of buying or renting properties is still lower than that of Sydney’s. There are still many citizens and immigrants alike that would opt to settle in Perth for its Mediterranean climate, its sprawling natural resources, and rich and diverse marine life. Those who are planning on moving should know what part of the city to settle down in.
Finding a place to settle down can be easier if it comes with home and land packages. That already takes care of having of having to deal with Perth’s crowded and at times crazy rental market. Owning property and building a home in Perth has many legal requirements but with enough zeal, financial stability, and a good homebuilder and seller, the cost of settling down in the city will be a price worth paying for.

Wow! Homes Announces Big Promo for First Home Buyers in Perth

WoW! Homes is now allowing first time home buyers the opportunity of purchasing their very own brand new home with a deposit of $3000. The $10,000 first home buyers grant for Perth residents who haven’t owned a home before can help reduce their property cost of eligible applicants. First home buyers can choose from any of WoW Homes stylish home designs. The promo will run from August 25, 2014 to September 23, 2014

Buying an Established Home or Building a New One?

In the pursuit of the great Australian dream of owning a house, many buyers have faced this dilemma. Some would rather shell out and move in rather than take the time and make the effort to build from the ground up. Many Perth home builders will point out that the savings from constructing a new home can change anybody’s mind.

Go the distance

In most countries, living in or close to a big city commands a higher price since it makes commuting to work easier. Consequently, the cost of housing in suburbs (established or new) is quite expensive. Many young families have opted to live farther from the city and invest in a vehicle to drive to work.

Buy now, build later?

Further from the city, lower land prices give many families more bang for their buck. Ask the right questions first. Is there a trustworthy builder who can build in the area? How soon can construction begin? Are utilities such as power and water in place? How far are the nearest market, police station, and hospital? Are there other amenities close by?

Instant homes, instant joy

In new and developing areas, many real estate and home builder companies offer land and home packages which save both time and money. This straightens the perception that constructing from the ground up is both expensive and time consuming. Homeowners only meet with one company to do the job of three entities. Suddenly building a new home just got more attractive.

Apartment or House: Which is Better for You?

Everyone dreams of owning a home. The question is what kind of home would be best for you– apartment or house? Both have their share of advantages and disadvantages, depending on the needs of home buyers in Perth and other residential areas.

Compartmentalised living

Apartments are generally for single folk or a family of four at most. They cost less to own than a house. There is a deeper sense of community because of close proximity to neighbours. Safety is not an issue since apartments are easy to secure.

In contrast, high-density residential areas tend to be noisy, with units close together. Apartment owners need permission to make changes to their unit. Apartments don’t appreciate the way houses do, unless they are in a desirable location or unique in design.

The house to call a home

Owning a house makes you the king of your own castle. You can do as you please with it to match your lifestyle requirements. Furthermore, being a larger property affords the owner larger capital gains. On the down side, houses are more costly to maintain in the long run than apartments.

Everyone’s a winner

It’s impossible to weigh the advantages of one over the other because not everyone has the same needs and circumstances. Therefore, the winner is the home buyer whose needs are answered by whatever they chose. The best way to pick a winner is to be realistic and forward thinking before signing on the dotted line.

Finding the Perfect Suburb in Perth

Given the sheer size of Western Australia and its capital, choosing the right suburb could be a daunting task. There are beautiful locales all over to settle in. As a family, you need to figure out which location suits you best based on your family’s wants and needs.

Surf or turf?

What’s it like to live near the ocean? Is it nice living in the hills? There are gorgeous suburbs that could answer both those queries. Beachside properties tend to cost more, as do hill homes with a view. Bear in mind that there are older suburbs and recently-established ones to accommodate the influx of people moving to Perth.

Make a wish list

Hold a family meeting and list down your top five or six choices. Bear in mind that with older suburbs come the hustle and bustle of a populated area. On the other hand, a newer suburb is likely to be less populated and less noisy. Weigh the pros and cons of each then trim your list by process of elimination.

Building a house to call your home

Many homeowners have taken advantage of the house and land packages offered by builders and real estate companies. You only need to deal with one entity which saves on cost. You save a lot of time as well because you can choose from the company’s catalog of house designs and begin construction immediately. You’ll be moving in before you know it.

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