First Home Buyers are going to the Suburbs

First home buyers are catching onto the changes in the real estate market, specifically the projected lower house and land property rates in the year ahead. That said, it seems as if they are also becoming a bit pickier as far as the locations of their prospective homes are concerned. In fact, some are even considering looking into house and land packages in various Perth suburbs.

Such a development has come about due in large part to the booming mining industry that helped make the economy of West Australia somewhat stable enough for families to shop for decent dwellings in the nearby suburbs. Apart from these economic factors, living in a Perth suburb offers other practical perks. For instance, those located closer to cities or central business district offer a nice balance between work and family life.

On that note, families who are in the same situation work-wise but are not yet that financially stable can go for homes in the fringe areas, where the prices are friendlier to their budgets. With a bit of research and a keen eye for house and land package deals, buyers can buy a beautiful and comfortable home that is well within their means.

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