Buying an Established Home or Building a New One?

In the pursuit of the great Australian dream of owning a house, many buyers have faced this dilemma. Some would rather shell out and move in rather than take the time and make the effort to build from the ground up. Many Perth home builders will point out that the savings from constructing a new home can change anybody’s mind.

Go the distance

In most countries, living in or close to a big city commands a higher price since it makes commuting to work easier. Consequently, the cost of housing in suburbs (established or new) is quite expensive. Many young families have opted to live farther from the city and invest in a vehicle to drive to work.

Buy now, build later?

Further from the city, lower land prices give many families more bang for their buck. Ask the right questions first. Is there a trustworthy builder who can build in the area? How soon can construction begin? Are utilities such as power and water in place? How far are the nearest market, police station, and hospital? Are there other amenities close by?

Instant homes, instant joy

In new and developing areas, many real estate and home builder companies offer land and home packages which save both time and money. This straightens the perception that constructing from the ground up is both expensive and time consuming. Homeowners only meet with one company to do the job of three entities. Suddenly building a new home just got more attractive.

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