Considerations on Choosing a Site for your Home

People looking for a new home often get too caught up in the whirlwind of ideas on how the house itself should look. Often, they leave a critical stone unturned—the site on which the home would be built. Fortunately, here are a few site-selection tips to help the process along:

Affordability – Probably the foremost consideration on this list, one should never choose a parcel of land without looking at the price tag first. Soon-to-be homeowners are generally advised to spend no more than 20% of the home’s total cost on the final building site. That way, a bigger chunk of the funds would go to the house’s more important features.

Location – The overall design of the home should ideally be patterned according to the building site’s specifications, which means taking into consideration the orientation and slope of the land, the location of nearby buildings, and even the plant and tree life around it. Land stability, building codes, and proximity to essential establishments should also come into play.

Land stability should always be top priority. Is the lot exposed to the elements enough to make landslides and sinkholes imminent? Aside from this, certain locales have their own laws on building homes—for instance, existing regulations and ordinances may affect how close a home should be placed near the road, how it should be positioned, and if it shall be built under a pre-determined height ceiling.

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