Tips for a Problem-Free House and Land Purchase

Finding Perth house and land packages should be easy. Finding one that fits your specific wants and needs—well, that’s another matter entirely. Fortunately, there are a number of ways you can ensure your house-buying journey ends with a property that truly satisfies your needs.

Evaluate display homes.

Display homes give you an idea of what your home can look like. Choose a model home with the design, size, and price according to your needs, and take it from there.

Work with a professional building team.

Large building companies have a team of skilled professionals working for them. It wouldn’t hurt to have your own team to complement your efforts as well. Therefore, choose to work with an established home builder in Perth.

Understand building and planning contracts.

Apart from securing an adequate estimate of the cost, your builder must also furnish you with a soil report and foundation data for the footing design. You will likely be asked to sign a document to authorise these things. Get legal and technical advice before you sign.

Control your costs.

Go over your selected fixtures and fittings with your builder and make sure each item is specified in your contract. Whenever possible, choose fixtures and fittings with complete information to avoid delays and stay within your budget.

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