Trends in Finishing and Decorating Homes in Perth

Have you recently decided to build a new home in Perth? Various home builders in Perth allow you to be hands-on during the finishing touches of your home. You have the liberty to decorate the interiors and some of the landscape, too, once the entire construction process is complete. Here are some trends in finishing and decorating homes in the region which you can use as inspiration:

Eye-Catching Features and Finishes

Any finish can be attention-grabbing and truly steal the spotlight in every room. It can be because of the light they infuse, the colours they purvey, or the classic charm they bring. You can look for large windows with intricate designs on the frames. You can also choose floor coverings, ceiling treatments, and bathroom tiles that exude character and reflect your personality.

High-Low Styling: Fashionable yet Budget-Savvy

You can dress up your home so it’s chic, but you don’t have to splurge on it too much. Use high-low styling! Similar to how you can pick finishes, this concept involves finding a central lavish piece or the “star of the show” for each room and spending less on the supporting elements. You can have a big bespoke sofa, an extravagant headboard, or marble benchtops, which you can complement with cabinets, lamps, and other decorative pieces that are affordable but still stylish.

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