Tips in Choosing a Home Builder

There are many home builders out there, and choosing the one that can build the home you want can be tricky, especially for first-time home buyers. Fortunately, you can prepare yourself beforehand and avoid the pitfalls of ill-made decisions. Here are some tips to help you decide on the right contractor:

Price is almost always the top concern. When a contractor is offering you a proposal for the project, check the details and the specifics on the price. Compare multiple quotes, and look for what is consistent in their reports. If a single item stands out from everything else, then it’s likely it is something you have to question.
Workmanship quality
Gather feedback from previous clients and check previous work. Building a home is not one of those things where sub-par workmanship becomes acceptable for the lower price being offered. Your prospective builder should exhibit expertise well above the minimum standards required by the BCA (Building Code of Australia).
Customer service quality
A truly dependable builder must be customer-centric, willing to work closely with his clients to achieve the latter’s personal specifications and requirements. For instance, if the customer isn’t satisfied with the quality of work despite meeting the minimum BCA standards, the builder must be willing to consider the reasons, and if viable enough, set about to rework the job.
Credentials and certifications

Research on a prospective builder’s reputation, as well as the company’s relevant certifications. One must ideally check on the contractor’s work done in the last twelve months, and see how those projects have fared. Word of mouth is valid reason enough to check out a builder, but protect yourself further by checking with the HIA (Home Industry Association) and the Department of Fair Trading. 

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