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The city of Perth is a place just begging to be explored. The variety of neighbourhoods within several kilometres of the city centre have their own stories to tell. As such, people aiming for house and land packages in Perth are encouraged to study the hottest suburbs in the city where they want to live in. Some property agents in the city have turned up hits on which suburbs are bustling with activity, which your house and land developer will take note of and guide you on:
First-time homebuyers can be sold on the merits of the suburb, which includes close proximity to the business district and beaches. Top schools like Hale School Grammar are also located in the area. However, time is of the essence as second- or third-home buyers are zeroing in on areas developed decades ago.
A potent location trifecta awaits first-timers seeking to settle in Bassendean; what more can you ask for when the place is a few kilometres away from the Swan Valley vineyards, ten kilometres from the CBD, and a stone’s throw from the foreshore? Insiders hint at developments along the train areas and upgrades to the town centre.
While it’s just north of the Wanneroo-Perth shire boundary, Girrawheen is one of a few northern suburbs now attracting interest from property developers making a bigger push. It’s with good reason too– the local authorities predict a two-fold population surge within 20 years.

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