New Aussie Homes on the Rise

According to Australia’s Housing Industry Association (HIA), the number of new homes purchased in the country rose by 1.2% in June, 2014. For Western Australia, sale of detached houses rose 4.1%. This means more and more people prefer to start fresh instead of purchasing an existing property.

Blame it on the government

More young and not-so-young families alike are taking advantage of the government’s First Home Owner Grant, which is likely to be the cause of the sudden increase in new home sales. Approved applicants are given financial assistance in building their first family home.

Everything’s nicer when it’s new

Who wouldn’t want to experience the smell of fresh paint, new timber, and pristine furniture? Developers and builders alike make this dream possible with home and land packages in Perth wherein the family pays one price for everything. The company oversees the design, construction, and finishing of the home.

Potential investment

Should your family’s plan change in the course of your stay, selling a not-so-old house is far easier than selling an older one. A younger house will have less maintenance problems than a newer one, and that is definitely something buyers look out for.

Swelling with pride

There’s no better way to tell that your Australian dream has come true than with a brand new house. For that sense of pride and achievement, it’s no wonder that the number of new homes has risen the way it has. At this rate, expect that number to rise even further.

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