Wonders of Window Treatments in Prefab Homes

Prefab homes can look quite lovely and inviting, especially when crafted by skilled Perth home builders. Homes with a more contemporary and practical open-plan layout make for more fluid transitions from indoor to outdoor, and from one room to the next. With just a few personal touches, these houses can become your dream home.

One of the best ways to personalise your home is to decorate it with window treatments that reflect your personal style. Curtains, in particular, are put under the spotlight whenever design trends are discussed. These fabric treatments, which are hung on walls and windows, can help create the mood you want to in a particular room.

The right combination of fabric, texture, design, and colour can evoke a softer and warmer feel, or a more sedate, masculine appeal. Both sheer and solid curtains are widely used and combined for a cosy layering effect.

Curtains in certain colours and textures make for visually interesting window treatments. Those with exciting dyes or chic, loud prints (e.g. floral patterns), or those inspired from animal skins, can give any dull room a bold and fascinating twist. Linen textures are highly sought after, as the material seems to soften the look of any room and can complement most types of furnishings.

Strong lighting can affect fabric dyes, however. As such, you may want to consider warm natural lighting as your main light, to be enhanced by lighting accents such as table lamps and sconces. 

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