The Australian Dream is Built

The Australian Dream hinges on homeownership; for one, it's a sure-fire sign of stability. There are two routes to this dream: an existing home or one built from the ground up.

Either way, owning a home is a serious investment, regardless of the state of the real estate market. That cosy property facing Swan River may as well be the last home you'll ever need, in the best sense. When given a choice between the two routes, however, you're better off building a new home. Change is why.
Every time someone comes up with a more efficient way of doing things, their doctrines change. A house built today will be a far cry from a house built 30 to 40 years ago. Wood windows and doors may have existed far earlier, but can they withstand the rigors of an angrier Earth today? Keep in mind that Australian weather can be particularly harsh, especially to homes.

Building a new home will also allow you to get what you really want. If you want to relocate the kitchen, building it at your desired position will be more convenient than extensive renovations later on. You'll also be able to fit the home with modern marvels: insulation, air conditioning and heating, and energy-efficient lighting to name a few.

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