3 Tips for Preconstruction Meeting Success

A preconstruction meeting with your home builder is one of the integral parts of the home construction process. That’s because this is when you finalise the internal and external setup of your new home. This meeting will usually run for 3 hours, and it’s important that you pay attention to the meeting the whole time. If you don’t, you could end up with choices that you’ll soon regret.

As with any type of meeting, preparation will be key to success. Before the preconstruction meeting you will have received a Home File which basically has every option you will have for your home. Review the file thoroughly beforehand to make the meeting process easier and more efficient for everyone involved.


You will need to choose every single detail of your home, so research the options that spark your interest. Be ready to discuss their pros and cons with your builder.

Visit Their Showroom or Display Home

The Home File is a good place to start, but browsing through actual physical items is necessary for a more informed decision.


Make a list of items you want to clarify during the meeting. Don’t hesitate to keep on asking until you fully understand your options. Remember, what you decide on during the meeting will be final—there’s no looking back.

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