How to Infuse Romance in Every Room of Your Home

When you and your partner are looking for home and land packages in Perth, it’s an exciting time to start planning on how to truly make the home your very own. Display homes usually have generic interior designs, but with some inspiration, you can cook up a décor that’s cosy and romantic for the two of you. Here are some ideas you might like:

Plush for Two

Comfy furniture are must-haves for your bedroom and other living spaces (including outdoor areas like your alfresco dining area). Make sure the pieces are comfortable for the two of you in terms of size, style and materials.

Light up Your Love

Your lighting immensely helps in making your home more inviting. Consider recessed lights, bulbs or even lamps and sconces that you can dim to match the mood. You can also install a conventional or an electric fireplace, you can have a quaint sight to lounge in front of, especially during chilly nights.

Draped in Luxury
Drapes and other window trea
tments help you enhance the warmth of your private spaces (and also keep them private!) Choose curtains in ambient colour palettes like blood red, black and silver or navy blue and pastel pink or lovely patterns like floral prints and intricate lacework for that royally romantic feel. Alternatively, use blinds and screens that allow you to gaze outside when you want, especially when the sky is perfect for stargazing.

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