Rounding Up the Funds for a New Home

Saving up for a new house can be a tedious undertaking, even when you qualify for the state government’s First Home Owners Grant of up to $10,000. Many people admit foregoing the unnecessary expenses for a while to save for building a new house under programmes for house and land packages in Perth. For the sake of a brand new home, it is a necessary sacrifice. On the bright side, you can make things work without having to undertake a really severe austerity programme.

Slice of the Pie
Some loan experts state that the rule of thumb for mobilizing your house and land fund is to dedicate 10% of your monthly income to it. Further analyses of your spending habits can also reveal which ones you can eliminate to add more money to your house fund. Take note though, that many house and land developers require deposits of no lower than 10% of the overall amount.
Rally your Funds

A consultation with your house and land developer will help iron out how much money you can borrow for the project. Your finance consultant will take note of your income levels and the current status of your debts, which may be a problem if some have not been settled before you make the appointment. The final price of the house project should determine if you are financially ready for the plunge. 

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