Home and Land Packages for First Time Homebuyers

Home and land packages are deals widely popular in Australia that offer the homebuyer the chance to own both house and land. Some of these packages, according to the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, start off as land released by the government, which in turn is acquired by property developers. After infrastructure has been laid down, the properties are then marketed as home and land packages.

A homebuyer can either choose between an off-the-plan package, in which a customised home design of your choice will be built on the selected block of land, and the more common deal which involves buying a new pre-built home on the land. It is important to note that the various home and land packages will have considerable differences in quality, workmanship and financing. Either way, the new home must pass the minimum standards set by the state and local authorities.

Home and land packages are quicker and more convenient ways for first-time homebuyers to acquire a property suitable for most of their start-up needs. There are many home developers that offer house and land packages, and the attractive advantage here is that sustainability follows the trend, with many of these packages making use of environmentally friendly materials in home building.

Whether you are a first-time homebuyer on the lookout for a property, or looking to build your luxury dream home, house and land packages are the way to go. 

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