Perth House and Land Packages: Affordable if you Put your Mind to it

The quest to invest in a new home, like house and land packages in Perth, will often have different twists and turns awaiting people who decide to take the plunge. This may be true depending on where you are in your life at present. The Australian Broadcasting Corp’s Elysse Morgan and Simon Frazer said that many people were already hitting their 30s by the time they got around to buying a new property. The above certainly strikes a chord with Perth residents who’ve always wanted a humble abode but can’t pursue it because various problems hold them back. A top Australian bank’s recent annual report on first-home buyers’ deposits revealed that they took 4.1 years to save up enough money to cover the required 20% deposit. The conclusion was based on a 7.1% climb of national median prices to $469,000 as of December, 2014.

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