House and Land Packages Make Home Purchase Easier

Being a first home buyer can be challenging. You’ll have an innate disadvantage because you’ll be unfamiliar with the market and the processes. Well, you may read about it, but nothing beats actual experience. You don’t need to worry, however, as it won’t automatically mean you’ll have a hard time. You can take steps to lessen the complexity and make things easier for you. One favourable step is considering house and land packages.

Why go for packages?

When buying a property, the normal procedure is working with two separate contractors: one for the land and another for building a house. With a house and land package, you only work with one. Thus, it’s not as complicated. If everything is kept in a single contract, understanding the purchase logistics and making payments are easier.

Another advantage is in financial figures. Not only is investing in a package more convenient, it’s also more cost-efficient compared to buying a land and house separately. Also, you’ll often find deals in packages that would not be available otherwise. You save on both the upfront payment and long-term interests.

Finally, you have government assistance. The government of Western Australia has the First Home Owner Grant (FHOG), wherein up to $10,000 can be provided for soon-to-be owners of new homes that are to be built. Of course, you’ll have to qualify and apply for the FHOG first.

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