3 Ways You Can Define Borders in Open Floor Plans

Open floor plans are highly popular designs in house and land packages offered in Perth today. We’re long past the days when main rooms, specifically the kitchen, dining and living rooms, were boxed to clearly define their spaces and their individual functions. Designers have already recognized that open plans free up more usable space, so many modern homes are now designed with rooms that flow into each other more smoothly.

However, incorporating an open plan doesn’t totally eliminate the distinctions between rooms. Here are some ways to balance things out.

Lighting. The wrong choice for lighting can spoil even an open setting. To emphasize differences between the rooms, you can use a ceiling light to illuminate the living room, a fancy chandelier in the kitchen, and an array of pendant lights for the kitchen island.

Colour. When smartly used, colours can produce the contrast needed to make rooms appear divided. Throw a bold carpet in your living room to make it the centrepiece. Use artworks, frames, displays, and other materials to create a theme within each area. Colourful pillows in the sofa, drapes or curtains by the windows, and utensil displays in the kitchen will suffice if properly coordinated.

Shelves. Shelves can be used not only to store or display precious items but to serve as subtle partitions. To maintain the open feel, keep shelves as slim as possible to avoid completely obstructing the view of the other rooms and blocking movement flow.

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