For First Home Buyers: Things to Ask Your Builder

Investing in a new home will certainly be one of the biggest financial decisions you’ll ever make. As such, you can’t afford any lapses. Of course, ensuring the quality of your new home starts with choosing the right builder to work with. Here are three major questions to ask before taking your pick.

“Are you qualified and insured?”

First of all, you have to make certain that the builder is fully licenced by your local regulatory bodies and that this license is up to date. Ask them to show their licence card, or better yet, confirm it by running a search online or phoning the Building Commission directly. Additionally, the builder must carry insurance to protect you in case of a faulty build.

“What do your home designs feature?”

Builders answer this by inviting prospects to their model homes. Note that while model homes can be very lovely, you have to keep level-headed to avoid disappointments. Imagine the home stripped of the upgrades and how your own furnishings will fit in. Refer to the information package when researching on the pros and cons of materials used and technologies included in the design.

“Can you provide references for your actual work samples?”

A trusted builder will always have satisfied clientele willing to recommend them. Take to interview at least three to learn more about the builder’s work quality. Be sure to distinguish between objective and emotionally-clouded feedback.

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