Open Floor Plan Design: Why it’s a Top Choice for Perth Home Builders

In the past, compartmentalisation was a key element in most home designs. Houses were comprised of separate rooms, each with a door of its own. The trend then shifted towards sliding doors and movable partitions that allowed occupants to adjust spaces to their liking. Eventually, designers realised they could fit more living space within a given footage using an open floor plan. Today, you can see that most works by home builders in Perth feature such a design. As the name implies, a home with this type of layout has a single yet wide living space comprised of multiple open rooms. Such a floor plan combines main rooms like the dining room, living room, and kitchen into one shared space to create the so called ‘great room’. This configuration suits homes with less square footage, where making optimal use of space is more of a necessity than an option. As for larger homes, open floor plans give occupants more flexibility to move around. Additionally, the absence of interior walls incr

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